Day 3- Still going strong and back to working out.

I had this very cool write up about the WHOLE30 program that I am on right now. But it got lost in my unorganized Blogging capabilities.   My goals are to #1- Slay the Sugar Dragon, #2- Eat more vegetable and lay off the gluten and dairy,  #3 Stay off of supplements and energize my body with REAL FOOD,  #4 Break up with my scale.

#4- Break up with my scale is the HARDEST of these things.  I sure did step on the scale today.  Darren said he’d smash the scale for me.  But- I can’t let him do it.

** I haven’t  mentioned this earlier, but we are leaving for a trip in June and I want to WOW the friends and family back home.  I also want to encourage my family to get healthier too.  GOD gave us one body- we need to honor HIM by honoring it. So this week and on, I am really upping the workouts, which really means that I will workout 5-6 days a week.

a little hard work..

a little hard work..

We’re also going to Las Vegas to hang out with some really cool Beachbody peeps.  Darren and I will be renewing our vows on our 10 year anniversary.  So I am wedding planning to in all of this.  Stay tuned for updates.

Here was my Pre-workout meal for today

Preworkout Meal.

Preworkout Meal.


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