Starting this blog… this is a long one!

Often I tell people the diets that I have tried.  Let’s see– the first being Slim Fast in the  4th grader.  It was totally my idea. But, bringing milk and powder for lunch was just WEIRD!  Lucky for me, my classmates didn’t mind sharing their chips and snack cakes with me.  I did have a fellow overweight friend of mine who was willing to do the diet with me.  But, we obviously didn’t last. Our friendship dissolved as well, as do many elementary school ones.  I looked her up on Myspace a few years back and she looks FANTASTIC!  I should have taken her photos as motivation then, but I wasn’t ready the.  Hindsight is 20/20.

I didn’t attempt any diets or exercise all throughout middle school or high school.  Most people who know me, know I had my daughter in 1997, my senior year of high school.  My pre-baby weight bounced back like rubber ball.  I returned to school and no one could tell I just had a baby except for the tiger striped up and down my belly.  I was bikini-banned for several years.

Fast forward to 2002.  I fell head over heals in love with my husband, Darren.  His phone calls and emails still give me butterflies.  Shortly after we met, he left on a 6 month deployment.  I was roughly 155 and a size 14 at the time.  During his deployment, I found a product over the radio called Medifast- Take Shape for Life.  Lose 10 pounds in a week, etc.  They were holding support/information seminars close to my house so I decided to pop in and see what it was about.   The cost was broken down to me, to be $3 a meal.  Ok, that sounds doable….. The plan (back then, it’s been changed since 2002/03) was you eat 5 of their $3 meals ($15) plus 1 salad w/protein. $450 later (and just 3o days) —  I did lose 28 pounds and went from a size 14 to size 5.  I was at the lowest weight I have ever been in my life!  I had to buy all new clothes and shoes. I shopped weekly with my gal pals who encouraged me throughout the torturous ordeal. (Luv ya Karina and Carol)  Yes- it was torturous at times.  Office parties, birthday parties, going to school 2 hours away with some nights  having to stay in a motel having to eat  packet food mixed with water or salads with no dressing.  Towards the end of my 30 days, Karina and I discovered Hooter’s Happy Hours.. LOL  For– an order of naked wings set me back a whole 75 cents!!  That would be my protein and I’d get a salad with lemon wedges.  We sure were there every Friday and then shopped at Mission Valley Mall afterward.  Sometimes Carol or Kimmy would join us.  Anyways, my confidence was through the roof!  And I couldn’t wait for Darren to get home.

Before his return, the gals from work and I hit up VEGAS!  I finally was able to wear a bikini- and it was the cutest white BEBE bikini ever.  I wore it proudly regardless of the much faded tiger stripes I had.  Told you I was confident!

May 2003, Darren returned!  Yay!!  What a whirlwind of events that became…  we got engaged and married in a matter of months.  I also re-packed the pounds!!  We ate every Sunday at Hash House a GoGo..  If you have never been- google it.  You’ll see why I packed on pounds.  The plates are as big as baby’s bathtub.  And I would finish my plate!  HeLLLLLOOOO  145 pounds (again)…

July 2003, Darren left again- this time it was going to be for a year!!  I did some drastic stuff while he was gone like get a boob job.  My boobs completely disappeared when I lost the weight.  I wanted to look more proportional.  Those added another 5 pounds.. hellllloo.. 150 pounds + yoga pants + L and XL tops.  After that, the weight just crept up and up and up until I was 180.  I did get to travel to see him where he was stationed and he did come home to visit TWICE.  The 2nd time, we did get pregnant with our son, Junior.

Oh pregnancy- MY biggest EXCUSE to eat and eat and EAT!!!  And that I did.  BLT’s on Everything Bagels were my go-to food.  I was HUGE when I gave birth weighing 215 pounds.  YIKES!!  But, shortly after he was born, I did grab a JEEP stroller and start walking around the neighborhood.  That was short lived though.  I decided to go back to work.  I did however, slim back down to a size 14.  We bought our first home and I started working at holistic lifestyle center.  The owner is a personal trainer and a nutritionist!  Perfect right??  YES- it was!  I was getting support, nutrition help, exercise training while on the job.  I finally started to lose weight again too.  I was going to a women’s gym daily- loving it again.  That was until I was feeling rundown and my pants were getting tighter.  Um…  I was pregnant with Ethan!   Luckily for me, being at The Lifestyle Center, I really kept my pregnancy gain minimal.  I worked across from Whole Foods and that’s where I grabbed my lunch or I headed for Vietnamese food down the road.  I walked more also since Junior was just 2 years old.  I miss the area we lived in.  There were so many parks and trails to go walking. ( Pasadena, MD). After giving birth to Ethan, I easily lost the baby weight and was back down to around 160.  I was feeling good again!  But alas, that was short lived.

In 2008-  The husband went off to a war zone and I was left with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and I was bored a lot.  Boredom leads to…. EATING or going out to EAT.. and adventuring for new places to EAT.  And the kiddos were happy to oblige.

At my heaviest, 198 pounds size 16/18.

At my heaviest, 198 pounds size 16/18.

Super duper fast-forward to 2010/2011— FAT, 198 pounds size 16/18.. miserable, tired.. fed up.. depressed..

The results were short lived, but I wanted some weight off before the hubby got home.

The results were short lived, but I wanted some weight off before the hubby got home.

husband is deployed AGAIN…. towards the end of the deployment, I did discover HCG homeopathic drops.  And I did follow the diet, to a “T”- yes.. sticking to 500 calories a day.  Was it tough?  YES!  I did have encouragement from my gals, Jackie and Gia. I even went to the beach packed with cottage cheese and tomatoes, and an apple for lunch.  I toted a big bottle of water with strawberries and lemon wedges wherever I went too.   In a very short amount of time, I dropped 30 pounds.  So was 168 when my hubs returned.  Not bad, eh??  I did regain the weight upon his return.  Back up to 185 and a size 16.  If you’re a military spouse, you’ll understand.  I wanted to take him to eat wherever he wanted to eat since he was stuck with boat food for the last 6 months.

We took a trip to the beach and I snapped some pics of Darren coming out of the water.  He did not like how HE looked and took a stand right then and committed to doing P90X by Beachbody.  We’ve had the DVD’s for a few years in a dresser drawer and never thought to crack them open.   After about a week of him grunting and groaning, dripping sweat from our sitting room into the living room, he told me that I needed to try it and that I COULD DO IT!  I really didn’t want to do it.  Seriously, I rather sit on my bum and watch tv on the other side of the wall while he was jumping around or doing pullups and pushups.  But, I put on some shorts and gave it a shot.  I was HOOKED!  And the next day, I couldn’t move because I was so sore.  It was the sense of accomplishment that grabbed me and took hold.  I COULD DO IT!!  I looked forward to Day 2 (Plyometrics), then Day 3 and so on…

Week 3 into P90X at Disney World.

Week 3 into P90X at Disney World.

At around week 3, we went to Disney World.  P90X came with us.  Pull up bar, yoga mat, resistance bands, laptop to play the DVD’s, everything came along.  I would get up at 6:30AM do my workout.  Darren was up at 7:30AM to do his.. and the rest of the day we were venturing the Magic Kingdom.  Food was FUEL at this point for me.  We didn’t indulge in the parks junk.  We brought along a huge bag of beef jerky, nuts, bottled water, Kashi cereal/crackers.  We did purchase breakfast and dinners to be at the resort.  They were buffet style s we could pick and choose what we ate.  The days usually started with egg white omelets, fruit, and oatmeal.  And that would fill us up until we’d snack in the parks with nuts and jerky.  We’d hit dinner and get fish, veggies, and sweet potatoes.  This was so doable, even on vacation!!  Throughout our P90X journey, we did adopt the 1 cheat meal a week.  And it was on Tuesdays for dinner.  We’d go to Chick Fil A for Kid’s Night where the little guys ate for free.  That worked out great!!  My final results with P90X;  lost 27 pounds and back into a size 14.  I had surgery to remove a cyst from the back of my leg after I finished my round of P90X and was unable to work out for 6 weeks to allow the internal stitches to heal.  I did start a new job (which I love and still have to do this day) where I stand and walk around a lot.  So I have to say that working did help for me to keep the weight off while I was unable to work out.

After 60 painful days, I did EARN this shirt...  although it was still pretty snug.

After 60 painful days, I did EARN this shirt… although it was still pretty snug.

Oh INSANITY….  how I did not care for you at all….  I started a Challenge Group for Insanity in January 2012 after becoming a Beachbody Coach!!  ( .  This was an adventure.  I gathered up 5 people to complete the INSANITY workout together with me.  I don’t think I would have survived the full 60 days if it weren’t for that Challenge Group.  Each day we did our workout, logged it, and encouraged each other to press on to the next day.  But oh, I did not enjoy that workout at all!!  I also DID NOT FOLLOW THE MEAL PLAN.   I drank my Shakeology every morning, but the rest of the day was a free for all… Chinese Food from the work food court was my go-to meal 4 days a week!!  Needless to say after 60 days of Shaun T yelling at me… lost 5 lbs and was still a size 14.  But, I EARNED THE SHIRT!  And stayed around 170 lbs.

After completing Insanity, I bounced around from a couple of programs; P90X, P90X2, Brazil Butt Lift, back to P90X…  I didn’t stay with anything consistently.  I did start running in order to train for my first Mud Run.  Thanks to my friend and neighbor, Lisa- she pushed me out the door on days I really didn’t feel like running.  We’d run around the neighborhood and neighbors would cheer me on– sounds silly, but it’s true!  I could finally run a mile and a half without stopping.  And then it got too hot- and then I didn’t want to run anymore.  For me, the Mud Run was an epic failure.  I couldn’t run most of it because it as 90% in the sand.  Through the trails and the road I was fine, but once I hit the sand, my calves were on fire and I just did not WANT to do it.  Lesson learned, no more mud runs on the Little Creek base for me.  As for as my weight goes I lost about 5 lbs.. down to 165.  But that was short lived yet again…  Ugh!!

Still maintaining my weight.

Still maintaining my weight.

So the summer rolls by… the winter rolls by… and I just don’t feel like doing anything!  I’m working and just maintaining my weight that has gone back up to 174.  I start P90X again… short lived burst of energy… and finally decide to see my doctor.  She runs all the tests and everything is normal.  She tells me to cut calories, log them, and exercise.  OK… I’m going to do that!  Well, guess what- that’s what works!  On my rest days, 1000 cals, on my workout days 1200 cals.  Needles to say, if you seen me recently, I don’t look like the same person.  My body composition has changed.  I’m still “heavy” per say (150 lbs), but I like to use the word “tiny” since that’s what my friends and husband tell me that I am.

In January 2013 I started a brand new program called Les Mills Combat and together with the eating recommendations from my doctor, I dropped 24 pounds and am now a size 11 (in Juniors) which could be an 8 or 10 in womens depending on the brand.  And this was  just in 3 months.

Les Mills Combat RESULTS!

Les Mills Combat RESULTS!

shorts are bigI have taken some time off from workouts, see- I’m getting lazy again!!  And weight has crept up.I mentioned earlier that I am all or nothing.  So, when people start calling me “Tiny” and I know that I’m a lot smaller I give in to my head’s and taste buds desires and BINGE.  Yes, BINGE..  chips, cakes, cookies, pasta, and Cadbury Mini Eggs have been my snacks for the days of announcing my 50 pound weight loss.(147 pounds)  Some of you must have read that on Facebook if you’re on my friends list.  Yikes! I considered crash dieting to get the excess off.  BUT I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!! I need to get a grip on my health, body, everything!!!  I gained 7 pounds in 4 days..  My final day of eating whatever I wanted was Friday…  I planned to make the change the very next day after finding  I made a $14.95 investment for daily emails and updates.  Started a profile to post on their forums to ask questions. I texted Darren to see if he’d follow along with me and of course he said YES!!  I was ready.  Saturday May 18, I weighed 154.0.


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  1. I read your whole story and I am also a prior-Beachbody coach. I still do Insanity workouts here and there. I’ve made friends with a gym, and am halfway through my first whole30. good luck!

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