The beginning of Day 4- I’m still married to my SCALE


Part of the Whole9/Whole 30 is to break up the relationship with the bathroom scale.  UGH!!  Why is this so hard?  I have had no problems conquering my cravings and deciding whether I am just bored, tired, or really hungry… But the one thing that should be easiest is to lay off the scale for 30 days.   I confessed amongst the Whole9 Forum boards last night for some encouragement.  I think staying off the scale could be liberating if I can conquer THIS BAD HABIT.

One reason that I have been stepping on the scale daily is because of weight loss/muscle gain competition that I joined a few weeks back.  With my weight gain over the last week, I would be paying $1.00 per pound that I gained.  I just needed to see if I’d be paying.  According to my scale, I won’t be.  Yay!

So after today- no more scale!! Darren offered to break it for me the other night.  I may be taking him up on that. As of Day 4, I’m 149.0.  I go in for my final weigh in on Monday, May 27th.  And then for real– no more scale!!!

Check out the 5 Reasons to Break Up With Your Scale


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