Day 5 and end of Day 6 recap – when will I stop focusing on food?

Today started out great.  I am down another pound!  That makes -6 since Saturday.  But, I seriously need to break up with my scale.  I’m giving myself until Monday and we are over- done- finit-o.  Darren will have to take it to work with him.

Yesterday- Wednesday

Breakfast was steak and sweet potatoes.  The sweet potatoes were topped with homemade coconut butter.  So good!  My taste buds have never been so happy with an eating program.  The steak was salt and peppered good which went well with the sweet, sweet potatoes.


I also had my coffee with my favorite coffee creamer.  I’m still thinking about ditching coffee.  With eating an actual breakfast within one hour of waking up, I don’t think I need it.  I think it could just be a habit.  And this program is all about breaking habits.

After getting Junior on the bus and Ethan situated with his morning snack, I got in a great Les Mills Combat Workout.  Ethan had his lunch and I was still stuffed from breakfast.  Not a bad feeling to be honest.  After E left for school, I hit up the grocery shopping.  Check out what I bought for a meer $60… all Whole9 approved too!


Organic chicken, pork country style ribs, ground chicken, chicken livers, cauliflower, peppers, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, spices (one of which alone cost $5), very light olive oil, cocoa powder, and those Lara Bars folks were talking about (Cherry Pie flavor and Cashew Cookie).  Now what am I going to cook with all this??  My plan is pre-cook some foods for lunches and for quick dinners on the days that I work.  So far, from this stash I’ve marinated a pack of the organic chicken, and cooked one pack of the ribs in the crock pot.  I’ve also turned the cauliflower into “rice”.

I didn’t get home until around 2’ish.. and still hadn’t eaten!  I ate the last of the ceviche that I made on Sunday (I think it was Sunday… or Monday) I’m going to need to date my food containers.  Some of the items I bought today were for dinner; the paprika, cocoa powder, and cauliflower.  I was taking a crack at the Mole’ Chicken w/plantain tostadas (fritters) w/cauliflower rice.  Here’s how it looked when assembled sans “rice”.


Can you say YUM??? !!  The flavors were out of this world.  I got the mole recipe from one site and the plantain tostada recipe from another.  The sweet plantains totally complimented the smokey mole sauce.  Darren got to take the leftovers to work. My cooking usually makes his co-workers hungry since the aromas take over the office.

Today- Thursday

Breakfast was steak and sweet potatoes (again).  I don’t mind.  Makes this simple if I repeat meals.  Plus, I had marinated and shredded the sweet potato the night before. Had my coffee too.  I usually walk with it to the bus stop and sip away waiting for the bus.  I got Ethan ready for school, armed him with his snack and  then went to  work out with some Tri’s and chest muscles in our garage/gym.  I even threw in some burpees and thruster squats too.  I have so much more energy now !!  Lunch I was in a pinch since I had to work today.  My boss was visiting, so I wasn’t going to have much time to eat at my regular time.  So I just had more sweet potato and steak.  I did bring that Cherry Pie Lara Bar and a few deviled eggs w/avocado with me.  I noshed on them around 2PM.  Dinner was event of course… I had precooked the country pork ribs all day in the crock pot with onions, carrot, and celery, rubbed the ribs in Chinese 5 spice powder and salt.  SO GOOD!.

When I got home, all I had to do was dice up peppers, onions, garlic, and ginger– sautee in a big pot.. add a can of coconut milk, the juice of one can of pineapple chunks and 1/4 cup fish sauce.  I took 2 big ribs out of the crock pot and cut it up.  tossed that in the pot too.  just cook until pepper are tender.  Rice was easy.. throw cups in a bowl, cover, and microwave for 2 minutes.  Add salt, and chopped cilantro.  Dinner is served.


As far as how I’m feeling- I feel very food focused.  That’s all I can seem to plan and concentrate on.  What food to buy?  What will I eat for each meal?  What an I make that the kids will eat too? Oh gosh, we’re out of eggs and avocados!! I’m sure after I get some standard meals down, I won’t be over thinking this at all.  I just want to be “perfect” at this because I am an “all or nothing” type of person.  That too, is another hard habit to break.  Hopefully, it will happen in these 30 days along with my lifelong relationship with my scale, and maybe even the coffee love.

Right now, I’m resisting my nightly cup of tea in hopes that I will get to sleep at a reasonable hour.  I want to aim for 8 hours a night.  Goodnight!

One thought on “Day 5 and end of Day 6 recap – when will I stop focusing on food?

  1. The best thing for me is to make sure I plan ahead. I plan out all of our dinner meals for 2-3 weeks. It makes life so much easier. We also try to make weekly trips to the store on the weekend, making sure to get enough fruits/vegetables/snacks for the week.
    I think you are doing very well but yes you need to break the habit with your scale! I put ours in our hall closet on the highest shelf. Out of sight, out of mind.

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