DAY 22– one week to go

I thought I was going to blog my entire journey, but I got totally sidetracked during week 2 and 3. You would think that this was a  good thing because I must have been focused on other things rather than being on this new eating plan. NOPE- I really didn’t focus on other stuff though, I scoured websites for recipes, searched stores for who had cheaper produce, looked up local farms and co-ops for grass fed animals, yadda yadda.

A few things I learned- I need a upright freezer to hold all the meat and veggies I am accumulating.  Mind you, we have a 2nd refrigerator in the garage. And we actually had a 3rd fridge that we brought when we moved into the house.  But we sold that pronto. The freezer portion of the garage fridge/freezer is holding 2 frozen Pepperidge Farms Fudge cakes and 6 bags of Sister Schubert’s rolls.  A Paleo-Momsters worse nightmare, right?   They’ll come in handy when we’re attending a potluck or a dinner party and want to bring something though.  So, I’m not going to donate them just yet.   Amongst these food abominations are Weight Watchers ice cream bars, Bagel Bites, and then the good stuff; lamb chops, pork shoulder, all-natural chicken quarters, grass fed beef, and frozen veggies.

Another item I would like to purchase is an Emersion Blender.  My Ninja isn’t cutting it as far as blending things smooth.  It more or less whips my squash or dates around the bowl and I have to scrape down the sides constantly. I had this same problem with the Vitamix.  So please don’t tell me to get a $400 blender (again). Although, my Ninja did do an excellent job at making Mayonnaise the other night. My favorite recipe is from Clothes Make the Girl.  I will never buy store bought again- who needs all those preservatives in the jarred stuff??

I do not know how much I weigh.  Darren really did hide the scale from me.  I nearly woke him up at 6:30AM to ask where it was.  But that temptation subsided when I saw how soundly he was sleeping.  PLUS- He’s running in the Tough Mudder this afternoon.  Way to go, BABE!!   I want to train all year for the next one.  We’ll see how that pans out.  Let me get through this mini goal and then it will be baby steps again to the next.

Have a great weekend Readers!!


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