What am I doing?? What is that?? I’m not trying to sell you on this, but….

I am eating WHOLE foods…  animal protein, veggies, fruits, healthy fats/oils,  nuts, and seeds.  It doesn’t get cleaner than that!!

When choosing the foods I eat I try to eat local veggies and fruits.  I’m not caught up on the organic label- if It fits in my budget, I’ll grab some.  I’d prefer my meat to be humanely raised and grass-fed.  I love eggs– cage free and/or organic are the way to go with these.  I eat a lot of them.  I use Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, citrus fruits, and vinegars to cook with.  I make my own sauces and dresses and even my own mayonnaise.  My favorite fruit is now the avocado.

Eating this way makes me feel lighter on my feet!!  My strength and cardio endurance has increased dramatically.  I also feel more energized in the morning and sleep really well through the night.

Since I started eating this way, I noticed not only what I mentioned above, but my skin glows and my body composition is shifting.  I don’t have “fat rolls” where they once were and my muscles are becoming more defined.  These changes MOTIVATE me to focus on more exercise to get even more toned and defined.

This is no longer a 30 day program for me, but an entire lifestyle change.  I can only improve from here.

Join me for my next Whole 30..  Let’s start together on July 1st!!  Message me if you want the details.



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