Day 27– this is just habit now…

I posted on my FB wall that in the past when I have “dieted”, I used to skip past Food Network and the Travel Channel.  The food they’d show or restaurants they’d feature would be PURE TORTURE.  The sight of  copious amounts of CHEESE, BREAD, and DESSERTS would cause me anxiety and in a few short moments I’d say “SCREW THIS DIET THING.  I’m gonna bake!”   That is a pure example of the yo-yo diet.  One moment yo-yo is up- hard core, lost a few pounds, and think I have a handle on it, and then BAM.. I see something that I’ve been deprived of, and CRASH.  Down goes yo-yo.

This Whole9/Whole 30 is so different!!  I haven’t been feeling deprived at all.  Getting past the habit of eating “ice cream” after dinner was the hardest challenge in the beginning.  But, after a week of chugging water water water til bedtime, I was good.  My meals have been very satisfying that the need for that extra something has diminished.  I am amazed.  The other day at work, a co-worker had some delicious (delicious looking- since I didn’t eat any) Filipino desserts.  Homemade!  If you know me in person, you’ll know that anything Filipino I’m going to want since I don’t get that food very often.  It’s easy to find here, but it’s expensive. (Damn Filipinos!)  This dessert looks like this and is called pitsi pitsi:

My cousin, Shirley often takes pics of the food she makes.Yes, this pic made me hungry back on Day 9 or so.

My cousin, Shirley often takes pics of the food she makes.Yes, this pic made me hungry back on Day 9 or so.

Anyways, I have my favorite lunch buddy who’s a tiny Filipino lady who is in bad-ass workout warrior shape, about 110 lbs and maybe 8% body fat.. well, she “was” also my eating buddy.  Her she is like “Judy, you want some??” Hahahaha!!  She always offers, but actually that’s our culture.  We always offer food- no matter what.  I just give her the death stare (and she’s been getting this often over the past 27 days) and she tells me “you’re so good.  You’re really sticking to you diet”.  I luv her.  She’s seen me go through the ups and downs of my weight over the last 2 years.  So, I don’t take offense to her offering because I know where it stems from.  The death stare is more for fun now, when in the past it was because I wanted to punch her in the face. LOL

Back to what I was originally talking about- Food Network and the Travel Channel-  I LOVE THESE NOW!  I watch the shows and in my head I think about ways that make them Whole 30-friendly.  I think about healthy substitutions to what they use in the recipes.  My creative juices are flowing and my Youtube Channel is in the works.  You’ll be getting to view my cooking “show” soon enough.

I’m off to work today- more Filipino temptations to conquer-I work with 60% Filipinos and we it’s kinda like a potluck every day in the lounge.  But, I’ve got this handled!  I politely say no and offer them my oranges and avocados.


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