Forgive me if I don’t write my blogs in order.  I’m learning how to do this without thoroughly going through tutorials or reading blogging advice.  I’m just here to log my journey, my feelings, post some pics, etc.  I’m not a very organized person, so please don’t expect this blog to be either.  I’m kind of all over the place right now.

Let me start from the BEGINNING!  So, I have always been overweight.  Even as a kid.  I’d get snack cakes and other junk from my lunch table buddies in elementary school, buy and share sodas with them in middle school, and throughout high school eat french fries with nacho cheese (those were only $1.25!)  I love to eat (still do) and love food (yes, still do).  I also lack self- control, am very emotional, and have a all or nothing type attitude.  From the end of high until 2010 (see photo) my weight fluctuated between 135-155 (pregnancy #1)… 155-135…  135-155…  155-127 (CRASH DIET!)   127-180… (when you stop with the CRASH DIET)  180-215(pregnancy #2)… 215-165.. 165-200 (pregnancy #3) .. 200- 165… 165-198…     That’s a lot of fluctuation, right???  At my lower weights, I was exercising a lot or crash dieting w/exercising.  The heavier weights I was either pregnant or just not caring and just EATING my feelings or eating because I lost weight and felt that I deserved it.  -another emotion thing.

In all seriousness, this blog is to help me end the cycle of my food addiction.  Learn new habits and just get over centralizing food for social occasions and holidays.  By the way, I am going to see family that hasn’t seen me in about 2 years, in just a few short  weeks.  I want the WOW factor when I get there.  I also don’t want to splurge on “home” foods as soon as I get there.  I NEED to break my addiction and make this a LIFESTYLE change.

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