A new workout program from Shaun T- it’s just 25 minutes!!

I’m sure if you completed Insanity or even Hip Hop Abs, you know who this is….


YUP– that’s Tania!!  You know the one who does the Fit Test with you??  Check her Before pic here.. she’s had a beautiful baby boy since her Insanity filming days and well, you mommies know how that goes.  Well, our BELLIES go…  Check out the AFTER pic!!  This is using T25, the newest program to be launched by Beachbody.

I’m getting excited to try and BUY this workout at Summit… you’ll get the play by play exclusive from ME– be on the lookout !!!


This is IT!! The final countdown…

It’s the Final Countdown (video link). Not only am I ending my first round of the Whole 30 program on Father’s Day (Jun 16), we’re in the final work/school week before vacation.  There are so many things to do before we take off.  I wonder if I can bring applesauce on the plane for the kiddos.  I can’t remember the layout of the airport after we get through security; what restaurants are there or shops to grab some waters at $5/bottle.

Planning, planning, and more planning:   I’ll be able to eat breakfast and lunch at home.  But dinner is going to VERY late if we wait until we land (8:30pm PST which is 11:30pm)  So- I’m thinking of foods and trying to figure out what TSA won’t confiscate. Darren thinks a salad in a jar would be ‘out’.  I’m going to research more on that one.

It’s also the final week of workouts at home and then I’ll be working out with the cool kids of Beachbody in Las Vegas.  I can’t wait!!  So far, I think we’re working out with the Les Mills gang;  Dan and Rach.  And then I think Darren and I will split up- he’ll go with the Body Beast folks and I’m going over to Tony Horton.  The next day, I want to do T25 with Shaun T.  I think that will be my next cardio training program to train for the Tough Mudder.  Yes- you heard me right.  TOUGH MUDDER.   This ‘used to be Fat mom’ is going to go through the toughest race in the world come OCTOBER 2013.  Watch out!

All in all, I’m dreading all the packing.  We have fancy parties and also our Vow Renewal ‘wedding’ to pack for.  I think I’m packing 8 pairs of shoes (2 of them being work out shoes), 2 cocktail dresses, and then some shorts, shirts, and undergarments.  Darren’s got uniforms, his party clothes, and normal stuff.  He can get away with 4 pairs of shoes (uniform, dress, workout shoes, and flip flops).  Guys have a it easy.  And then the boys need all sorts of clothes plus their life preservers.. 2 different pairs of shoes each.  Kayla (the girl) is on her own to pack.  She doesn’t return for a few days after we get back.

I’m done for my morning ramblings for now- stay tuned.  I’m going to talk about food in a couple of hours or so.  I’m off to the bus stop.