Couponing, CSA’s, and Co-Ops (Clean Eating doesn’t have to be costly)

The biggest concern I hear from friends and Beachbody clients is that eating healthy costs a lot.  There are ways around this ‘fear’- yes it’s a fear.  Change is scary! Doing something you’re not used to is scary.  Destroying life long habits is scary too.  But, YOU have to decide if YOU are worth it and  If YOUR family is worth it.

I use coupons quite a bit.  But now I’ve limited my couponing to mostly household items; foil, saran wrap, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, etc.  Coupons allow for me to have more funds to go into my food shopping.  For foods, I also coupon for Earthbound Farm Organic Produce– sign up for the email subscription.  I get a new coupon every week or 2, which I can print out twice.  I also discovered Food Lion– when I shop there, I’ve been receiving $2-$4 off coupons on my next produce purchases.  Kroger-   has their own line of organic produce as well and offers digital coupons loaded on their membership card.  Simple Truth coupon link here.  Also Eggland’s Best Eggs has a cage free or organic product line.  There are often coupons in the Sunday paper or you can ‘sometimes’ print coupons from Incredible Edible Egg.  Another great printable coupon site is   I’ve seen organic tuna, nut butters, and trail mix on there.  There are way to save.

Living in Va Beach, we have a ton of options to get fresh local vegetables, fruits, and even grass fed beef, chickens, ducks, and even happy pork!  I’ve been researching this for the past two weeks, thus slacking on this blog.  There are also online resources to get these foods delivered to your door.  Who would have known, right?

For the benefit of my local friends, here’s the link to LOCAL FOODS for Va Beach and Norfolk.  Plus the Dam Neck Farmer’s Market and the Five Points Community Farm Market.   I also discovered two great sources for meat.  Now, is it worth it to buy grass fed, humanely treated animal protein?  I say YES!  Aside from the GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) that can trickle from the animals food into you-  Grass Fed animal protein is leaner and better for you than conventional meat.  Check out this article from  Health Benefits of Grass Farming.

Here are two regional farms that have monthly deliveries to Hampton Roads.  I found their prices to be better than those at the grocery store.  I just need to get a freezer before ordering!

My advice for everyone that really wants to eat better, feel better, and improve their health is to- CUT OUT THE JUNK you’re buying!  No more sodas, no more condiments (they’re full of sugar anyways!) Seriously… you can increase your healthy food budget by cutting your junk budget.  It takes work and commitment.  If this was easy- EVERYONE would be doing it.